Monday, October 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 3: Mississauga and Toronto

Our Thanksgiving weekend continued on Sunday with more fabulous weather. 
I even thought a few times that it was too warm. 
Absolutely beautiful with the sunshine and autumn colours though!

After a fun morning and early afternoon we packed the car for our next Thanksgiving weekend stop: my parents'!

After enjoying a fantastic meal cooked by my mom, Mark and I went out for a night in Toronto with Eva & Miguel while my parents watched the kids (thanks!). We had quite the time doing karaoke in the big city!

Monday was a holiday for all of us, and spent playing outside and relaxing with the kids before driving home for the work week ahead.

And that was our busy and lovely Thanksgiving 2017! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2: a birthday party and first feast!

After our night out at the fair the kids both got caught up on sleep starting with snoozing on the car ride home. Good because our next day was a busy one starting with Josie's friend's third birthday party!

Josie shared a few hugs with the birthday boy

The family owns a dance studio which made for a perfect party setting for the kids (especially the room with padded floors!)

Happy Birthday!

(a cranky one year old turned into a happy one year old thanks to the cake!)

Then after a nice long walk followed by naps we had a Thanksgiving feast with Baba.

It felt like a summer day so we took things outdoors. Yum. Thanks Baba!

And the Thanksgiving weekend fun continues!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1: the fair!

We kicked off Thanksgiving 2017 weekend with our family tradition of going to the fall fair! We decided to mix things up by going in the evening (or: it was the only available time we had to go) and we were happy we did because night fair visits are a different experience than daytime fair visits!

We started with the one man band show by the fair entrance which the kids enjoyed dancing to. Thomas even got out his harmonica. 

Next up were fair games: darts & balloons, and our favourite duckies!

Thomas got to go on his first fair ride: the same one Josie rode for the first time last year!

(the most flattering photo of me ever)

Josie rode the monster truck ride with Daddy, then got to go on her very first solo fair ride! The photo says it all:

Her face looked exactly like that the first three go-arounds until she settled in. 

Night fall fair lights!

Then we strolled around the different agricultural exhibits before enjoying some poutine and calling it a night.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

Oh dear, I'm behind on blogging again. Let's backpedal a little bit!

Two weekends ago was a fun mix of things. The weather was gorgeous. On Saturday Mark volunteered for his fourth annual food drive blitz while my parents were down and helping us out.

My mom and I took the kids out for a nice little walk and trike ride.

After Mark was finished we met Baba and her friends in our backyard for a nice lunch.

Then in the evening Mark and I attended a local arts gala while my parents watched the kids. We had a ball and I even won a bottle of wine for being "best dressed" (I didn't even know it was Canada themed when I wore my favourite red dress!).

Then Sunday was an easygoing day, doing some shopping and playing some Pokémon Go up in London. And that's how we welcomed October!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Life Lately

What's been going on lately?

These warm early fall days have been all about being outside. The start of the month reminded us that putting-mittens-hats-on-toddlers season is upon us and we've made sure to relish the simplicity of the warm weather.

Mark was a zombie once again for a charity run which ended up being one of the hottest days on record but he still zombie-d it up in style (while downing close to 3L of water in one afternoon). Go Mark!

Three young families, three old houses: we're so lucky to live in a mature neighbourhood so close to a few other families that have become amazing friends to us and our kids. It's amazing to think that three years ago when we first moved here it was just one kid (and Josie in my belly). The scenery is a delight but the company is what matters most!

When you let the kids take over at Costco

This boy's best friend!

 We squeeze in cuddles on our way out the door,

and squeeze in family time while we're at the bank.

We're busy from the moment we wake up,

until lights out!

And that's a wrap of September (besides the weekend recap to come)!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Thomas at 17 Months

Thomas is 17 months old! This boy is:

- so very happy when the whole family is together. You should see this little guy's excitement when Mark and the kids visit me at work or when Mark comes home to us after a long day. Squeals and wrestle hugs for everyone!
- so much more physically confident than his sister ever was at that age. Most notably he attempts to walk down steps while standing (no bum stepping here). It freaks me out because he fearlessly drops his foot down a step and falls/fumbles to get his balance together (most times he does). Quite different than our cautious Josie! 
- not particularly interested in dolls. When we put a doll in his stroller he usually chucks it out on the floor and continues strolling around the living room. He does however love carrying around his stuffed kitty cat while sucking his thumb.

His eyes are changing colour too! I'm seeing some gold flecks in the pale grey-blue they once were. Green, hazel, or brown, what will they be? (apparently they can change until he's 3!)

And that hair is still as blond as ever! He has some longer curls in the back and we're expecting he'll probably need a haircut before his big sister.

And that's our 17 month old cherub in a nutshell!