Monday, August 14, 2017

Week(end) + (work) weekend, part 1

That title sounds confusing, because the past week's schedule is kind of confusing! I had my "weekend" on Wednesday & Thursday, and now I'm in the middle of working 60 hours in six days. There's a long weekend (also a real one!) in it for me at the end so it all works out!

Wednesday & Thursday off brought my heart back to the treasured days of maternity leave: a simpler time!

We attended a play group in the morning,

followed by a leisurely stroll & shop through town, then lunch & water balloons with best friends

and then capping the day off with running through the sprinkler. Summer!

Then on Thursday we checked out the NHL Centennial Fan Arena which was visiting our town! The Stanley Cup was on display down the street which was pretty cool!

Locker room museum photo op

The event had good food and lots of stuff for the kids and it was free! A win in my books.

Josie got her face painted and went on all four of the inflatables

Thomas even had his first time in a bouncy house! He loved it so much that Daddy had to drag him out at the end. 

Next up is the actual weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) activities!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Long Weekend Recap

Here's a recap of our August long weekend!

Friday: we kicked the weekend off with my mom taking us out to celebrate the end of what was an exhausting week for us all. As you can see we all had a blast. Thanks Babcia!

Saturday: my parents went back home and we enjoyed a low key day, driving out to get some Amish eggs and country store shopping before a quiet evening walk. 

Sunday: we started the day out by going to church where Josie did her very best Marilyn Monroe in her white dress discovering the floor vent. Daddy sang the psalm and did a fantastic job - both kids stood up and tried to clap at the end of it. 

Then we head of town for a Costco trip and made a last minute decision to check out London Ribfest! I'm so happy we checked it out: the evening weather was nice and cool and the kids got to dance to some live music and we all loved the ribs (we chose the ones that ended up winning first place! lucky us!)

Monday: Mark and I both worked but we still had fun in the morning and evening on a long walk with friends. And that's a wrap of our weekend fun!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Five on Friday


Happy August! It's a special month as we celebrate our wedding anniversary and plan a family getaway. The weather is warm, the days are still long, and we feel the pace of things slowing down enough to take a breath and appreciate the season. 


Home improvements/maintenance with small children: how do people do it? Mark and I put up a curtain and rearranged some bedroom furniture on Monday. It sounds like a simple enough endeavour, but it ended up taking an hour with two toddlers running around and moving toys and random household objects from one spot to another. 

There was some loud screaming from both kids when I took away that flashlight.
The LED light is a little bright to be shining in your brother's eyes, Josie. 


The working mom life. I'm so lucky to have a job where I can have such sweet visitors!


My parents have been visiting and helping all week while our daycare provider is on holiday. 
We love you so much!


We can't get enough of the waterpark but things are getting challenging with such a newly mobile and daring toddler! Thomas is getting faster and loves nothing more than to go headfirst into anything, be it the water or down the slide.

Time for another weekend of chasing this guy!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Recap

How is it August tomorrow?
Let's recap the last weekend of July.

It started out with a visit to our tomato plants where we picked our tenth tomato!

Then it was a baseball game before bedtime.

Josie had her first night in a toddler bed which was both good and bad. She was excited and proud to be in a big kid bed, but fell out three times (fortunately onto an extra crib mattress we placed on the floor), and ended up spending 3am until morning in bed with us poking my face. 

On Saturday we did a daytrip to London where we went to a bookstore to get our big girl a very special bedtime story.
Who else remembers The Balloon Tree? Josie is crazy about it!

(we also did our nerdy Pokémon stuff)

We finished out our daytrip with lots of walking and a visit to a splash pad while our little boy slept.

I worked on Sunday but we had fun at the playground in the evening.

The twins!

Our gargantuan one-year-old in his new sleeper (size 3T)

And that was our last July weekend! We hope you are all enjoying this glorious summer!

Weekend Recap: Grandparents and the Fair

Time for a way back recap to two weekends ago!
July has been one busy month.

On Friday Babcia & Dziadek came to visit! We got spoiled with so much good food and things for the house including a desktop computer that my dad built and a new outdoor umbrella. They're the best! (also at building puzzles)

With my parents down it was easy for me and my big girl to walk over to the grocery store without a stroller or diaper bag to pack. I could get used to this big kid stuff someday ;)

On Saturday we went to a two-year-old's birthday party. These two have been friends since Thomas was born! 

Happy Birthday Emily!

After the party we stayed in because it was raining on and off

did another puzzle,

and did sparklers for the first time under the umbrella!

On Sunday before my parents left we planted two tomato plants they had grown just for us. 

And then it was water park time!

After a quick splash we headed to the town fair

We met up with Baba and checked out some of the demolition derby 
(the kids weren't too interested)
Maybe next year!

The kids did however love the bounce and splash house.
We also checked out the comic con and petting zoo. 

Ice cream & bubbles: no better way to finish out a weekend at the fair!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thomas at 15 Months

At 15 months Thomas is:

- on the go all day long! This boy loves exploring inside and outside.

- LOUD. He has such a strong voice for a baby.

- so happy when he gets a hold of a remote control. And so unhappy when you take it away from him.

- 31 lbs according to our bathroom scale (in other words, huge)

- wearing 3T sleepers and t-shirts.

- insisting on feeding himself. He eats a lot of eggs, sandwiches (almond butter & jam), salami, crackers, and pureed veggie pouches

- an expert night sleeper but not a big daytime napper.

- the love of our lives!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Four on a Midsummer Friday


Observe how a toddler successfully starts a mess on the kitchen floor while it's being mopped.

A phenomenon. 


And the other toddler, well look at him! Insisting on eating almost everything with a fork these days (eggs here, but even a sandwich)


Our lavender fields sneak peek came out and we are in love with it! More to come.


It was a big night in the Dickson household.

Toddler bed time!

Nighty night!